Owain Cantor ap Hughe (Clerk of the Order of Defense)


28 May 2016

Companion of the Order of Defence

Companion of the Order of the White Scarf

Guildmaster in the Royal Guild of Defence in Lochac


I started lessons with Master Francois Henri Guyon in February 2001 and was authorised in single rapier combat in November of that year.

At the Rowany Festival 2002, I became a ranked member of the Royal Guild of Defence, playing my Free Scholar’s Prize. This was followed by my Journeyman’s Prize in July 2003, and Provost at Festival 2005. In time, I was encouraged by the Body of Guildmasters to work towards my Mastery and successfully played my Prize in September 2008. I am honoured to hold the distinction of being the first member to have played Prizes to achieve every rank in the Guild.

I have served the Barony of Politarchopolis as the Group Rapier Marshal, Seneschal and as Rapier Champion to Their Excellencies Baroness Isobel le Breton, Baroness Leta von Goslar and Baroness Ginevra Lucia di Namoraza.

In October 2009, I was honoured to be made a Companion of the Order of the White Scarf by Their Majesties Gabriel and Constanzia. In 2016, I was offered and accepted admittance to the Order of Defence.

My greatest focus is the development of new and intermediate fencers. I am part of the team leading rapier training in Politarchopolis, and lately have been part of the effort to introduce Youth Rapier Combat in Lochac.

I have not taken on any Scholars as a Master of Defence. My personal philosophy is to offer my advice and support freely to all who ask it, and I value the special relationships and friendships this approach has engendered.