Lucius Cornelius Gordianus


22 Apr 2018

Lucius Cornelius Gordianus joined the legions at a time of great expansion and was eventually transferred to the ill-fated Legio IX Hispana during their posting to the Caledonian hinterlands. It was here that the Legio IX Hispana did fall afoul of the protective enchantments of Merlinus Caledonensis, last of the Northern Istari. The Legio was forcefully transported across the oceans to the ancient lands of Isengard, where it was believed that the ancient evils of those corrupted lands would annihilate the Legio. Unbeknownst to Merlinus, the enchantments were flawed, and only Gordianus survived the spell, but was transported through time to land when the corruption of the land had been healed, and the men of the Crescent Isles had founded the Shire of Darton. Gordianus was saved from starvation by these Shiremen, and there he became part of the thriving community, with naught but a name and a desire to learn the new and strange fencing systems taught in the Shire. His noble education gave him the ability to thrive in this Shire, and Gordianus settled down to become a respected member of the Shire, and a leader in the local school of the Royal Guild of Defence.

On the 7th day of April  A.S. XLVI (2012) at Rowany Festival XXX, Siridean II and Margie I of Lochac did induct Lucius Cornelius Gordianus into the Order of the Rapier.

On the 22nd day of April  A.S. LII (2018) at Rowany Festival XXXVI, Rowland I and Tailltiu I of Lochac did induct Lucius Cornelius Gordianus into the Order of Defence.